Change in estimate Ecole D'AVIGNON , end... - Lot 41 - L'Huillier & Associés

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Result : 200 000EUR
Change in estimate Ecole D'AVIGNON , end... - Lot 41 - L'Huillier & Associés
Change in estimate Ecole D'AVIGNON , end of the 15th century Noli me tangere Oil painting ? on walnut panel 123 x 124 cm STATE Panel made up of two roughly cut boards still bearing the traces of tools on the reverse side. Restoration: on the left side, part of the panel has been replaced by a wooden rod 3cm wide by 86.5cm high. Painting surface: visible wear and tear and missing parts. This surface has retained its original measurements as can be seen on the perimeter of the panel by the paint beard formed at the junction of the old moulding of the frame, which has now disappeared. This disappearance cannot assure us of the original function of this painting (single panel or triptych centre?) The scene illustrates the passage from the Gospel of Saint John, XX, 15-18 The day after the Passion, the holy women go to Christ's tomb to embalm him. Mary Magdalene sees a man near the tomb and thinks he is the gardener and asks him where his master is. It is the Risen Christ who answers: "Don't touch me, go to my brothers" The painter has reproduced this passage by placing it against the background of a luminous sky in a mountainous landscape with Golgotha on the left, which is climbed by two little figures. At the top are the three naked crosses. To the right, in the background, is the rocky crevice of the empty tomb in front of which St. John, the Virgin and a grieving holy woman bring the bottle of ointment for embalming. In the foreground, separated by a braided palisade, the scene described by Saint John takes place in the middle of flowering vegetation dominated on the left by a large orange tree. Several characters in composite style have undoubtedly presided over the elaboration of this hitherto unpublished painting. One is immediately struck by the scale of the landscape, the space and the luminosity of the work and is directed towards the models produced by the great artists in the service of the royal,
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